We’re need your help to let people know that every vote matters -- this is the best shot at this seat that we’ve had in a long time. We’ve been out-organized for years and this is your opportunity to take back your voice and help others do the same.

11/5 (Monday)  Walk & Win Canvass with Jenny & Jen - Join us for door knocking at 2:30 from the Utah State Capitol. Go to Jenny & Jen Walk and Win! to sign up
Every Vote Matters Door Knocking - Join us at 4:00 and 5:30 at West Valley City Park (4552 W 3500 S)! Go to West Valley Door Knocking to sign up 

11/6 Election Day -- All Day Get Out the Vote - Literature drop at 6am, door knocking all day! Go to Election Day Door Knocking & Lit Drop to sign up

Phone Bank from home.  You can do this any time between the hours of 10:00 am and 8:00 pm, through Election Day. Your help is crucial in making sure every voice is heard! Go to this link Phone Bank From Home and follow the directions.

If you can make these events, we’re excited to see you there, if you can and want to do more, wonderful, we’ll help you get more involved (we have people that go out each and every day to knock on doors -- including Shireen)!  If any of this applies to you or if you can’t attend, but you can volunteer other times or volunteer from home, please email