Conversations at the door

Campaigns are conversations and we’ve been having a lot of them.

Recently, I sat with a lovely older gentleman named Perry in his home in Davis County. Perry is a Republican and has been his whole life. Perry is also a lover of our public lands and worked for many years in healthcare administration. He invited me in and after 10 minutes of us chatting about my commitment to protect our monuments and my belief that we need to address the cost of healthcare, I asked for his vote. He looked at me and smiled. He said, “I guess I’m not a Republican any more.” 

I also spoke with a woman named Barbara in Tooele this weekend. She asked me if I supported Trump. I asked her why she did. She told me it was the first time she heard someone talk about people like her, working people, in a long time. I talked to her about my commitment to working families, about protecting Medicare and Social Security, about job training and efforts to bring good jobs to our communities. In the end, she asked me for my cards to hand out to her friends. She told me, "I’m going to get everyone I know to vote for you."

On my walk back to my car in Tooele, I saw a couple sitting in their front yard. I called out, “Are you voters?” The man said that he wasn’t. I asked why not and he told me he was a felon. I was proud to let him know that he could vote because Utah allows people who have served their time to vote. I talked to him about my thoughts on criminal justice reform and listened to his. He told me he was going to register and vote and that I was the first person to tell him he still could vote. (read more about our time in Tooele in the Salt Lake Tribune)

We've had over 200 people sign up to be volunteers and collectively our team has knocked on nearly 6,000 doors. Less than 15% of all people we've spoken with support my opponent. Stories matter. Conversations matter. Your help matters.

Will you donate $20 today so we can have an additional 10 conversations with voters?

I appreciate your support of this campaign each and every day. Together, we can all stand on the side of everyday people.